From 15-16th August 2020, KMUTT Geospatial Engineering and Innovation Center (KGEO) has organized a Startup Hackathon in the topic “NEXUS Geo App Challenge” to promote creativity or extend the platform application of the geo-informatics system and remote sensing technology as well as to enhancing the efficiency of geospatial data use for analyzing data in crucial problems such as drought, healthcare, logistics and urban resilient. It also creates new experiences for the users, creation of the new startup, increases competitiveness, and to make decisions efficiently. For this competition, there was cooperation from the expertise, committees, and sponsors from agencies and companies including: Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., ESRI (Thailand) Co., Ltd., L I N G Co., Ltd., Queue Q (Thailand) Co., Ltd., THONGTHIN Express Co., Ltd., Prima laser Therapy Co., Ltd., Yuzu Digital Solution Co., Ltd., and Lactasoy Co., Ltd. Check the  Report!









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